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Hello!  My name is Tim Snyder. To book a Wedding performance or if you wish to inquire about piano, saxophone, ukulele or music theory lessons, email me at  If you have any teaching or performing links related to teaching piano, saxophone or ukulele,  feel free to send them and I will post them as long as they are relevant.

If you need piano tuning, repairs or appraisals, I recommend Concert Pitch Piano Services in Toronto.

I also recommend Bob Penney, Piano Tuner in Newmarket, Ontario.

One comment on “Contact Tim

  1. Hi Tim! I have a sax and I’m looking for a teacher. I played in grade 9. I’m a young 47 now. My cell is 4379295475. I live in king city. Text me your information please. Cheers! 😎
    Christopher Schick

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