Here are some testimonials from parents of my piano and saxophone students:

“Tim’s help has really made a difference to help my son get going quickly on an instrument.  Many of his peers are struggling with music and finding it too much.  By being able to play the instrument and follow along, he has been able to enjoy the musical experience.  My son talks about playing music (piano, saxophone, drums) for the rest of his life, as if it is a normal part of who he is.  This is success in my view, as I believe that music adds something to someone’s life that is important, special and helpful, in good times and bad.  Tim has made music cool, and something that men do.”                                                                                                         -Wendy, mother of 10 year old son who studies saxophone and piano with Tim

“My son has really enjoyed his piano lessons with Mr. Snyder; his patience and creativity has resulted in a young boy who actually enjoys practising!”- Siobhan D.

“Our son has been taking piano lessons with Tim for the past year and it has been a terrific experience all around. Tim is very patient and clearly enjoys teaching and working with children. My son has made great progress over the last year and truly enjoys his lessons. Tim encourages and challenges him to play better and has the ability to offer constructive feedback in a positive and encouraging way. He is very flexible and accommodating when lessons have to be changed to accommodate schedules and is also available by email if we have any questions or need any support with my son’s practise. I would highly recommend Tim to anyone who is looking for piano instruction!” -Sheila Savage

“Over the past 6 years, Tim has done a wonderful job of keeping my son interested in piano. He allows his students to take their time and choose songs they enjoy. My son likes how patient he is and how he is so helpful in showing him how to master difficult pieces. I highly recommend Tim and his effective teaching methods. ” –Pam Coletto

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