Greg Fishman: Proper saxophone hand position; new way to remember scales/ key signatures

If you haven’t heard of Greg Fishman, you definitely need to watch some of his online videos and check out his jazz books.  He’s from Chicago, and has a wealth of material on his website.  As well as a being an accomplished saxophonist and flutist, he knows how to break down jazz concepts in a clear, fun manner.

The Jazz Saxophone Duets series comes in three Volumes.  Playing level is for Intermediate to Advanced jazz saxophone students.

“The ten duets are included in two formats within this book. One format is written for two like saxophones (playable on two altos, two tenors or two baritones), and the other is reworked as needed to employ alto and tenor so that the parts lay easily and musically on the horn at all times.”

Read a more in-depth review of the Duets books here at Jamey Aebersold’s website:

In the following video, Greg Fishman gives some tips for how to keep your fingers close to the keys while playing.


In this video, Greg Fishman explains his new method for memorizing the number of sharps and flats in each major scale.  He calls it the “Magic 7 Scale System”.  This is something that I will try teaching to my own students.